My Approach

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Although there are many different types of counseling to choose from, evidence informs us that the most critical and crucial factor in determining a successful client outcome is the therapeutic bond between counsellor and client, “the relationship”. I can say that I am a compassionate and empathetic Psychotherapist and counsellor who has knowledge from both sides of the relationship. I have over 20 years’ experience working in the private sector, private healthcare and residential hospitals, community projects and private practice. I also provide voluntary service to many charities and self-help organisations whenever possible. I have worked in Australia, the United States of America, Canada, Dubai and various settings in the UK as a fully qualified and certificated Specialist Therapist, International accredited counsellor, and Specialist Psychotherapist. I am a warm, professional, down-to-earth, experienced and highly qualified Specialist Therapist, Counsellor and Psychotherapist who loves what he does.

My Journey...


I have decades of experience working as a counsellor, lecturer, specialist therapist and Psychotherapist in innumerable mental health and social care settings; I have worked with Women’s Aid Scotland and AMIS Abused Men in Scotland. I consult with clients all around the world from my private practice.

The purpose…


Because “everybody counts” and life is an emotional roller-coaster. Good mental health isn’t about being a passenger, it’s about driving the bus and sometimes we just have to park the bus in the lay-by and get off for a break.  It’s not something we stick on our to-do list at the end of a busy day, nor is it something you either inherently have or don’t have. Your feelings are generated from within, in other words, your thoughts. Think of it as incoming emotional data from your learning years and your development years, in other words, you are conditioned. You can unlearn and recondition unhealthy behaviour and thinking.


Your life is a suitcase containing your past, your present and your unwritten future. Are you willing to open your suitcase and be true to yourself. Will you continue to remain in denial and justify, rationalise, intellectualise, minimise, maximise, blame others, engage in self-pity and deflect attention from yourself and the problem area? Or will you take charge and step into a future of your own making by challenging yourself in a healthy manner to no longer accept the unacceptable.