The Therapy and Treatment

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Figuring out a way forward can feel overwhelming but for us, to take stock of our situations we need to understand how our thoughts, feelings and actions are affecting our lives. Perhaps you’ve already tried therapy but not felt it’s made much difference? I can identify. During the initial consultation process I use my deep intuition, heightened perceptiveness and emotional sensitivity to draw things to our attention, helping you to explore your life in fine detail and really get the root (or roots) of your problem areas. You will feel part of the process by taking your own time to explain and talk about your problems in a gentle manner.


I will then complete a diagnostic assessment and biopsychosocial which will be discussed in depth with you prior to designing the core treatment plan. This will comprise of what therapeutic methods, models and perspectives that you will comprehensively engage with during your therapy. I feel grateful to have worked with thousands of individuals and couples using my own style of clinical, academic and lived experience, supporting my clients to navigate change, find meaning and evolve into the people they were always meant to be.


I specialise in creating the conditions in which growth is possible, helping you to become your true self and break free from the bondage of self. Our work together may be emotional, I apologise, however I am very honest with my clients and patients. It’s about opening your suitcase and the deeper you permit yourself to go the more freedom you will ultimately acquire. Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with you, it’s about you being honest with yourself and identifying your shortcomings. It’s about me using my skills to identify your drivers and precursors and together putting in place coping mechanisms and defence strategies to negate any opportunity for your drivers and precursors to interact with any cues or triggers which we identify.

Therapeutic Methods - Theories & Perspectives

It’s difficult to describe a therapeutic approach without sounding clinical and technical. It is also impossible to describe what therapy I will use as I treat all of my clients and patients as individuals irrespective of my knowledge, experience and qualifications. I DO NOT RELY ON CASE STUDIES OR PAINT MY PATIENTS WITH THE SAME BRUSH!!!


I find that approach to be unprofessional, unethical and utterly appalling. I apologise, however I am passionate about my work and I am committed to individualism and excellence. I am a person centred Therapist who treats his clients as individuals and their issues and problem areas with tailor made treatment and therapy suited to their individual needs.


You will enjoy a beautiful journey, if you are willing, which will focus specially on you and allow you to find your new healthy self. I use perspectives that focus on you and you will learn to find the true you and will take healthy control of your life. A journey of discovery, for example learning to love yourself by liking who you see when you look in the mirror.


In other words, I am able to integrate a variety of different approaches learned over many years to give you a personalised therapy experience. In the therapeutic experience the approaches used mean the therapist isn’t the expert, the client is. I do not work as a Doctor/patient or Psychologist/client approach so I won’t be presiding over sessions like some emotionally distant blank-screen authority figure wearing a white lab coat. My goal is that we share a powerful, vulnerable and meaningful experience so that you can leave your sessions feeling part of the process. Stage by stage you will find your way at your own speed and through developing a therapeutic bond you will leave your session feeling confident and in control. We will deconstruct and make sense of it all – the past, the present and the future.


You may have received a diagnosis regarding a personality disorder or have coexisting dual diagnosis with addiction. You may have issues with other recognised mental health conditions or you may not have had any interaction or association with any medical or health care professionals. Together we will examine your problem areas and issues and create a comprehensive treatment solution for your understanding and lifestyle.