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Starting counselling or psychotherapy is often quite a scary prospect, I know how you feel. 20 years ago I entered treatment myself for my own issues and problem areas, and I was petrified. You may already feel overwhelmed by the volume of different options and the confusing amount of services available. What do the different methods, theories and perspectives mean for me? What qualifications am I looking for in a counsellor or Psychotherapist? What experience should I be looking for? Who will be best suited to my individual needs?

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I’m a fully qualified, experienced, insured, clinically supervised and Registered International Accredited Member of IC & RC, BACP and COSCA.

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Getting Help

Your life is a suitcase containing your past, your present and your unwritten future. Are you willing to open your suitcase and be true to yourself? Will you continue to remain in denial and justify, rationalise, intellectualise, minimise, maximise, blame others, engage in self-pity and deflect attention from yourself and the problem area? Or will you take charge and step into a future of your own making by challenging yourself in a healthy manner to no longer accept the unacceptable.



I consider that everyone could benefit from working with William to help the process of getting clarity over critical aspects of your past, your present and your unwritten future. The process that he uses is very powerful and the support he offers is both unique and priceless. Some of the many benefits from my perspective : being able to assess my own behavior and habits and those of people close to me and to be able make fundamental changes in habits, approaches and boundaries to ensure different outcomes that are more in line with my aspirations and goals. Take control of my future and obtain a healthy lense on the past to allow acceptance and personal responsibility and ultimately embrace the future with much more clarity and self confidence.


Having been working with William for some time now I can finally see a life where I can be happy and content again. I believe due to his vast experience and the ability to not look at problems via simply black and white he can identify exactly how to help and enter into the grey areas to clearly allow you to see everything again. An absolute blessing to be working with William and able to get my life back and it feels good! I would strongly recommend William to anyone!


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